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Independent Educational Assessments: Welcome

All evaluations are completed at our office in Powell, Ohio. Evaluations may need to span two to three visits (depending on the child's fatigue with the related testing). Central Ohio AT can complete an evaluation at the school district if the student presents with mobility needs. Central Ohio Assistive Technology (AT), LLC will complete Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs). If you are considering Central Ohio AT in completing an IEE, we ask that you refer to the three-step process outlined below. 





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Step 1

Please reach out to us via the Get in Touch button. Central Ohio AT will respond to your initial communication within two business days to schedule a phone conference The phone conference enables you to share your child's needs. Based on this conversation, we can mutually determine whether or not you want Central Ohio AT to complete the evaluation. 

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Step 2

Central Ohio AT will work with your school district to fulfill the requirements as an IEE provider. If Central Ohio AT cannot fulfill these requirements or the district does not communicate these requirements, you will be contacted by our office. 

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Step 3

Once Central Ohio AT completes the above requirements, we will schedule the evaluation. 

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